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Chapter Nine: The Piggyback

Final Episode : The group enacts their plan: Max, Lucas and Erica go to the Creel House while Steve, Nancy and Robin go to its Upside Down counterpart to attack Vecna, with the bats being drawn away by Dustin and Eddie. Eddie sacrifices himself in the process. Eleven’s group creates an isolation tank for her to enter Max’s mind and fight Vecna. However, Vecna overwhelms her and possesses Max, revealing to Eleven that he has controlled the Upside Down ever since she sent him there.

Mike professes his love to Eleven, giving her the strength to break Vecna’s control over Max, but Max dies from her injuries. Hopper, Joyce and Murray reenter the prison and kill the remaining Demogorgons, weakening Vecna. Steve, Robin and Nancy set Vecna’s physical form ablaze and shoot him, apparently killing him. Eleven uses her powers to resurrect Max, but the latter’s brief death allows Vecna’s gates to open and tear through Hawkins.

Two days later, the town is recovering from an “earthquake”. Everyone unites, while Max remains comatose. Will senses Vecna is still alive, and the Upside Down begins invading Hawkins.

Stranger Things S4 E9
Jul. 01, 2022

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